Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I took a workshop yesterday with Clayton Beck, a very good painter who is a protege of Richard Schmid. We worked on values- using a middle value as the lightest light in one sketch, the darkest dark on another. In the afternoon we did a long pose with our model and I chose to work with dark values. It's really hard not to reach for that white to make bright highlights! It was a great exercise in controlling values and I intend to try it some more.


mary said...

Hi, I am a painter from RI and have admired your paintings whenever I have seen them. Your colors and eye just sing. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I noticed a link to your blog on Carol Marine's blog! The internet makes such lovely connections. Thank you for continuing to paint.

Clayton said...

You stated that you would try some more experiments along these "value" lines. Have you?