Monday, January 19, 2009


Oil on linen, 6"x8"
Linen is a very expensive surface to paint on, but it's supposed to be the best. So, the other day I was buying art supplies and noticed they had a pad of 6" x 8" gessoed linen, 10 sheets, so I figured I'd try it. This is my first effort.


marybullock2 said...

Did you notice any difference when you were painting? Did the paint go on smoother or did the canvas cover easier?
Love the picture - Mary
The Figurative Realm of Mary Bullock

Kathleen Weber said...

Mary- the linen is very smooth and the paint just seemed to flow on. I actually liked working on it quite a bit.

patricia walsh said...

Love the picture, Kathy, and love linen as well. Jerry's is having a sale right now and that's how I got the stuff I have been using - I got the smallest & cheapest roll and it last for a long time and is worth it.