Sunday, August 9, 2009

Regardez! Elles s'effleurent!

That's French for "Thar she blows!" So much more poetic in English! Anyhow, quick synopsis of my trip to Canada- two nights in Quebec City, three nights in Tadoussac. Tadoussac is a village in the Sanguenay National Park in Canada, where the Sanguenay fiord meets the St. Lawrence River. Besides some fairly spectacular scenery, its claim to fame is that whales of all kinds hang out there in the summer. We went on a whale watch croisiere (kwa-zayre) the first morning we were there and saw dozens of whales, mostly humpback, beluga, and minke.
I did a bunch of little sketches but nothing really worth posting- I'll just put up this one, "Self portrait in the rear view mirror while waiting for the ferry"--
Tomorrow, back to paintings.

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