Friday, September 11, 2009

Warren Ave. end

Oil on panel, 8" x 10"
I had been wanting to paint this blue building for a long time, and when Mike Rooney was here last week, we did it. We were able to stand in the shade in a grassy lot across the street. I'll admit, I'm chicken about painting outside in the city, so it was really nice to have the company.


Kathy Hodge said...

I pass that building every day and I always liked it. There's something special about it, too bad it doesn't seem to be used for anything.

mike rooney studios said...

that is one sweeet white beauty parked on that street in front of that cool building.

way nice painting too!

Kathleen Weber said...

Kathy, I think right now they're trying to keep it from falling apart while they decide what to do with it. And Mike, that white beauty really is one of a kind!