Thursday, April 8, 2010

Painting on the east side-sold

Oil on panel, 8" x 10"
The east side of Providence is known for its lovely homes, so my friend Ann and I went there yesterday to paint. She decided pretty quickly what she wanted to do, while I looked around. I didn't want to do a "house portrait", and I kept looking at her standing in front of this big old Victorian and finally decided that was it. I had to finish it from a photo when I got home, but most of it was done on the spot.


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Kathy!... Stumbled upon your interesting site! I love the painterly quality of your brushwork... your warm palette and variety of subject matter.

The banner still life is exquisite... as is the earlier jaunty "Trombones" piece!

Very joyful and uplifting body of work! I have put you on my Favourites list and will be checking back!

Good painting!
Bruce Sherman

Kathleen Weber said...

Thank you, Bruce! Such a nice comment to start my day!

patricia walsh said...

I love this house. The opening was great and your work looked beautiful!

Kathleen Weber said...

Thanks Patty! It was great seeing you and meeting your daughter.