Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The dinner specials-sold

Oil on panel, 6" x 8"
I'm really pleased with the way this one turned out- the fact that half of it is only minimally painted (put the paintbrush DOWN and leave it alone), the red/green color scheme, and the gestures of all the characters. I'll take bids on this, starting at $125.00, to be decided Friday morning. Email me.


Kathy Cousart said...

I really like how you handled this one. Love the atmosphere you created! Great job. Love your work and your blog. Oh, and your name!:)

Becky Joy said...

I would be pleased too. Really nice color and lighting.

LindaHunt said...

This is such a nice painting!! I like the creates great drama. I like the foreground and the way that you loosely painted it...very effective.

shirley fachilla said...

I want to be one of the group! Beautiful color and atmosphere and you made it look so easy.
Maybe this one was?

Kathy Weber said...

Thanks... and yes, Shirley, this one was.