Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Model A

Oil on panel, 6" x 8"
I really loved this car. Besides the picnic baskets on each running board, there were bud vases on either side of the back window, which had a tasseled shade. Very sweet.


William R. Moore said...

I'm not a big car buff, I don't know but I would think your car paintings would be much sought after by car buffs. As they say on The Antique Road Show, these should have an interest from both Art Collectors and Car collectors. Bidding War?

I am amazed at how well they are all painted and how much detail you get into such a small format. Secrets please? Not too much detail and your detail always fit comfortably into the painting. :0)

Kathy Weber said...

Thanks William. I have enjoyed painting them although I can't say I've been overwhelmed by the response. Bidding wars, I wish.
As to the detail- I try to keep it fairly simple and just detail a few spots. Just use a good small brush.

Libby Gilpatric said...

I'm waiting for the '31 LaSalle to purchase, Kathy. These are sweet! Just perfect! i'm adding your blog to my Blogs I Like list.
Libby Gilpatric

Kathy Weber said...

Thanks Libby!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I do not care about cars Kathy, but do love to see anything well painted and all of them are wonderful. For me the pleasure is noticing the way you do your reflections, your backgrounds and the way you handle warms and cools. All great stuff.