Monday, May 27, 2013

Sidewalk Tables

Oil on canvas, 10" x 8"
Having a palm tree in a pot on the sidewalk in New York isn't as good as being under a palm tree on a tropical beach, but sometimes it's just fine.
This is going to Philadelphia on Saturday, June 1 to be in my show at the F.A.N. Gallery.


DARRELL ANDERSON said... was the first word that came to mind. You are sure cranking out some winners.

popey said...

-Well my dear you know what happened yesterday?You remember him on that painter Pop?Be careful as this stage is hard...Wait, but I want a chocolate cappucccino, you do not want anything?
-No my dear, and so I'm a bit fat ....hihihihahahah...
-You know me I was his girlfriend a few months and even though Ted was evident that he never knew ...You know what he told me yesterday painter?
-I am curious tell me ...
-As he fell in love with the beautiful works of painter, Kathy Weber, better you remember it?
-They can not say that he fell in love with the beautiful Kathy...maybe.Hihihihahahhah.
-Do I know him ... he likes the style of painting of the woman.
-Phew it's hot baby, tonight you do not want to come to the party?

Sorry for this kind of comment, Mrs. Weber, please.I imagine girls talk on the terrace.
Painting is so suggestive that it helps to imagine you're there.
We congratulate,good thoughts.
Costi Pop

Susan E Jones, Charming Art said...

Was this painted en plein air? It's lovely. The soft edges really reel me in.


Kathy Weber said...

Not plein air, but wet into wet.

Kathy Weber said...

Costi- you're funny...