Thursday, August 7, 2014

More puffy clouds

Oil on canvas, 8" x 10"
My fascination with puffy clouds continues, especially late in the day when everything takes on a warm glow. (Truth in advertising- the orange reeds aren't quite so bright in the painting, but I couldn't tone them down any more without losing warmth in the rest of the painting.) This was painted along Route 6 in Rehoboth, MA. Fun fact: Route 6 is the longest transcontinental highway in the U.S., going from Cape Cod to California.

And a quiz: When do no-see-ums become visible?
A: When they get stuck in wet oil paint. I pulled several off this painting when I was done.
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Karen Werner said...

Wow! What color!!! Beautiful.

ArtBean said...

Beautiful warmth and 'summeriness' in this. I was looking at the sky yesterday evening here in north London and there were purples, pinks, greys, blues and peaches. Can I ask your process for doing your sky, and how long your plein air painting took, too? Did you use a coloured background wash? It all hangs together so nicely.

Kathy Weber said...

It's a small painting, I probably worked on it for an hour or a bit more. It's actually painted on top of an old painting that I sanded down, so there was some color underneath. i just looked for the big shapes. Clouds change continually, so the painting had some changes, but then I made a decision about the shape I wanted and stuck with it.