Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pastel portrait

After not using pastels for a very long time, I decided to go back to them last night to do a portrait. I stopped using them because I didn't like the dust, they're a pain to frame, and they're fragile. But I've missed drawing, and the softness and ease of layering colors over one another to build up the image. My surface was a gray Canson paper. I'll probably be doing more of these in the future.


Nancy M said...

Kathy that is gorgeous!

Judy P. said...

I hate the dust as well, but also love the feel of drawing, and the lovely effects pastel can give. I use oil pastels occasionally, but they are not at all alike. You've done a beautiful job here, and can see you have a way with the medium.

Carol Schiff said...

Exceptional Piece Kathy. Love it!