Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Watercoloring on Vieques Island

I did a number of little watercolors while I was on Vieques last week. Most are done on a 6"x 6" block of Fluid watercolor paper. The horizontals are half sheets, about 6" x 3".
These were done at Playa Media Luna (Half Moon Beach), a lovely protected cove (although there should be more space between the two paintings than there is.) My advice, if you're going to paint on a tropical island- bring turquoise!


Caroline Greene said...

I love to see artists' sketchbooks and these are a real treat. Fresh and light. Puerto Rico looks beautiful.

Kathy Weber said...

Thanks, Caroline! I really enjoyed Puerto Rico.

Gayle said...

Wonderful way to track one's travels/vacations. And seeing other artists' sketches of these scenes imparts a much more vivid feeling of what it must have felt like. Really enjoy your blogs. Thank you!