Friday, January 6, 2017

Oscar and the Artist Co-op

These portraits were actually done quite a while ago but they remain among my favorites. I just reframed them and they are now on display at the artist co-op that I joined about a year ago in Warren, RI. It's called Made in Warren and I'm really enjoying being a member. A great group of people and a lovely storefront on Main St. in Warren.

"Beer for Breakfast"- this was to be a 3 week pose. I did the pastel as a study for an oil painting. The next week he showed up with a shaved head! Just not the same. The painting didn't survive. And no one was having beer for breakfast; it was just the name that popped into my head.


Gayle said...

These are lovely. I LOVE live sketches.

Darrell Anderson said...

Kathy....I especially like the foreshortened hand and watch of the first piece. I was going to write you. Cleaning out my studio...a daunting task but a good way to begin the year....I was going through 20 years of art magazines and ran across some beautiful gouache still life paintings and then realized they were by you. Nice article. How talented and versatile you are. Take care.....