Friday, September 18, 2009

In the sand- sold

Oil on panel, 8" x 10"
I bring my little Open Box M Painting box and some photos with me when I'm teaching my class at the Handicraft Club and do a little bit of painting in the course of the day, while my students are working on their own things. This painting is something a little different for me, just building up the surface more slowly than I normally would. I really liked the result.

On another note, I'm offering a Plein Air Workshop in the greater Providence area for anyone who's interested. Three Saturday mornings, 9 AM- noon, Sept. 26, Oct. 3 and 17, with Oct. 24 as a raindate. If it rains more than once, I'll refund money. I'll be giving short demos, but there'll be plenty of time to work on your own paintings. Price: $60.00 for the three sessions. Email me if you're interested.


mike rooney studios said...

i love it
almost has an edward potthast look to it. love that dudes stuff too!
check it out

Kathleen Weber said...

Thanks for that link, Mike- he does great figures on the beach.

patricia walsh said...

Very nice light and texture, Kathy.

Edward Burton said...

This is absolutely wonderful, Kathy! I love the soft look about it and the beautiful colors - especially the water.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Great job on this Kathy! I agree, it has a very Pothast look to it.

Janice Thurston said...

Nice! I'd follow this idea for a while there's something really, really nice about it. ("nice" might not be the right word, but the thought is somewhere between '...everything seems right' and 'you nailed this baby'