Monday, November 16, 2009


Oil on canvas, 5" x 5"
From a trip to New York in the recent past. This will also be at the Copley Society for their Holiday show.
On another note- I was looking at Mike Rooney's blog a few weeks ago. He made a nifty little rack to hold wet painting panels from pegboard and dowels, which I figured was something I could use and maybe I'd make one. Then I was in my kitchen the other day and had a little brainstorm- a dish drainer does the same thing perfectly!


Denise R said...

Oh my gosh! The dish drainer thing is perfect! Great thinking!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Wow...extremely cool idea! Why didn't I think of that :)

Janice Thurston said...

Not only is the dish rack a terrific idea, but you are sweetheart to share the idea.
BTW - nice painting!

Chris said...

you are brilliant and an amazing painter. love this blog.

Kathleen Weber said...

Brilliant- wow, I like that. Thanks to all of you.