Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 Town Farm

Gouache on watercolor paper, approx. 6" x 8"
Good things about gouache- it dries fast, and can be used either transparent or opaque. Bad thing about gouache- it dries lighter than it looks when wet. (Gouache is an opaque watercolor.) I wanted to see if it would be preferable to oil for doing outdoor studies, so I drove over to this farm not far from where I live. I like it but- now I want to go back and do an oil painting of the same scene.

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Kathy Hodge said...

That color shift thing drives me crazy, us oil painters are spoiled I guess. I do like gouache though, I don't seem to have a light enough hand for transparent watercolors. You've done a very fresh depiction of my favorite place to by produce!