Monday, March 25, 2013

Sushi chefs-sold

Oil on canvas, 8" x 10"
Say "Sushi chefs" 10 times fast, if you can. I can't even say it once.
I love painting bright lights against a dark background. The secret is to paint it wet into wet, so you can get the degree of softness that you want. Keep the dark paint thin, then pile on the light. Use a warm transition color, like a reddish-orange, to keep the feeling of warmth.
I'm saving this one for my show in June.


Karen Werner said...

Very nice, Kathy. Thanks for sharing some tips too.

Fay Terry said...

This is one of my favorites, Kathy. Good info on painting the bright lights against dark, I can't wait to try it-thanks so much for including that.

Janice Souza Thurston said...

Nice! You're very generous with your knowledge.

Susan said...

What a lovely painting. Definitely for your show..

Diana Marshall said...

Great tip for painting lights, like especially the down turned faces, cool painting.