Monday, March 30, 2009

Rhode Island Reds-sold

Oil on canvas panel, 6" x 8"
While scrolling through some photos that I took a while ago, I came across these Rhode Island Reds and decided immediately I wanted to do a painting of them. I don't know much about chickens but I understand they have personalities (or would that be chickenalities?) and can actually make good pets.


Janice Thurston said...

CHICKENALITIES!!!! I'm doubled over and breaking a sweat laughing...ahhhaa!

brian a hickey said...

kathy...three rosters overlooking the barnyard...on the prowl...pretty ordinary??...until one notices the "weber" element..(there is always a "weber" element of at least one defining detail) one roster is lifting his right leg in a cocky manner which is meant to is a distinguishing gesture all rosters make...kathy i am sure if a speck of dust floated in just one particular would notice views your work to see what they have missed in hopes of not missing it again

Edward Burton said...

Beautiful job, Kathy. Wonderful warm colors. Very well done.
I received your book today and it is GREAT!

Kathleen Weber said...

Jan, it's so nice having a friend who thinks your stupid jokes are as funny as you do! Brian- what can I say- keep those wonderful critiques coming. And Ed- I'm SO glad you like the book (and isn't the USPS awesome-RI to CA in a couple of days...)