Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring trees-sold

Oil on panel, 8" x 10"
I painted at Colt State Park in Bristol the other afternoon. It's hard painting trees with that feathery spring foliage! In its earliest stages it's more red than green, and can end up looking more like fall. I didn't like this when I left the park, liked it more when I got home, worked on it some more and ruined it, then brought it back somewhat-- it's hard to know sometimes when to put the brushes down and walk away.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy, I totally sympathize with the feathery branches thing. That's about the most difficult motif for me. I like how you handled them though!

-and thanks for your email. I was researching blurb too but stopped short because I didn't personally know anyone who's tried it that I could ask about (what a sentence). Now I feel a bit more confident about giving it a try next time~

mike rooney studios said...

how right you are. that time between no leaves and full on summertime leaves is difficult.
glad when its one or the other here in NC- i'm always wishing it was something out there that its not warmer, hotter, more wind,less LOL
i'm with terry... you handled your trees well!

Elizabeth Elgin said...

I just fund your blog thanks to Empty Easel. I love your work! I am a new painter at age 60 no less but am trying my hand at plein air sketches. Thanks for your honest comments about 'not liking it, ruining it, bringing it back' - it helps us newbies know that is just the expected process. I love these trees. you captured their nobility and life force.