Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Painting Faces...

Carlos was our model last night.
 On March 7 at 7PM I'll be doing a portrait painting demonstration at the East Providence library. It's free, stop by if you're interested.

Classes I'll be teaching this spring- I'm going to be pretty busy for a month or two:
The Portsmouth Arts Guild-
Portrait drawing and painting,  on Wednesday mornings starting March 16.

The Westport Art Group- A first for me, a portrait WORKSHOP!
 Two days, Friday and Saturday, tentative dates are May 13 and 14.
Portrait demo open to the public on Tuesday, April 12 at 6:30.

And, South County Art Association, Portrait Drawing and painting, Thursday mornings at 10AM, starting March 31, 10AM.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hangin' with mom- sold

Oil on panel, 6" x 6"
Horses and chickens roam freely on Vieques Island. These two were on the side of the road when we stopped to look at the 300 year old Ceiba Tree. I painted this from a photo after I got home.

You can read more about our trip to Puerto Rico at my blog RideWalkHikeBike. http://ridewalkhikebike.blogspot.com

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A few more sketches from Vieques

I really don't want to let go of the time spent there! The weather was so great, and I had a sketching partner, Ed Huff- you can see his work here- we spent some lovely mornings in Isabel Segunda with our sketchbooks and watercolors.

 One of the potted plants on the deck...
 Cantina La Reina, downtown Isabel Segunda.
There was a little park in the center of town where we could find shade and sketch the surroundings, like this church tower.
 This was a coffee and breakfast kiosk in the park. The smells of the cooking were wonderful.
Playa Grande was a beach like no other I've ever been on- miles of sandy beach that we had all to ourselves.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Watercoloring on Vieques Island

I did a number of little watercolors while I was on Vieques last week. Most are done on a 6"x 6" block of Fluid watercolor paper. The horizontals are half sheets, about 6" x 3".
These were done at Playa Media Luna (Half Moon Beach), a lovely protected cove (although there should be more space between the two paintings than there is.) My advice, if you're going to paint on a tropical island- bring turquoise!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Watercolor, 8" x 5"
Puerto Rico was warm and sunny last week, unlike Rhode Island... boy, did we pick the right week to be away. This is the view from the deck of the house that we rented with friends on the island of Vieques, just off the southeast coast of the main island of Puerto Rico. Painting palm trees is a challenge, and the absolute BEST time to attempt it is in the middle of the winter.