Sunday, December 6, 2009

Foundry Artists opening

Better late than never! Here's a photo of opening night (Thursday) at the Foundry Artists Holiday Sale. Lots of shoppers, great food and music.
To see a 360 degree shot of my booth (minus 3 paintings that sold) and surroundings, done by Ed Huff of Rhody 360, go here. You'll need Flash to view these.
Or to see the band, go here. Or another view of the show here.

The show is in the Pawtucket Armory, an old building gradually undergoing restoration (you'll notice the peeling paint on the walls). Every year that I've been in this show I've been fascinated at how, in the course of 3 days, this cavernous dark place sprouts booths filled with light and beautiful things, like magic mushrooms. Maybe next year we'll have a time-lapse video on YouTube...

1 comment:

mike rooney studios said...

looks like a great place to show. congrats on the sold pcs.
loved that 360 photo. that was TOO cool!